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e an▓other by their devotion—a huge general ▓hypnosis in which education ▓and priestly art are equally concerned.The ▓orthodox cult is not to be compared, at lea▓st in my opinion, with that of the Roman Cat▓holics in

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the depth and nobility of▓ the music and in the artistic arr▓angement of the service.But in its archaic[Pg 4●1] monotony, in its use of the coarsest ▓material stimuli, it is perhaps even more sugg▓estive for the Eastern

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masses than is▓ the other for the civilized p▓eoples of the West.The quantity ●of gold, silver, and precious s▓tones offered up, especially i●n the Isaac cathedral and in the Kazan▓ cathedral—fashioned after that

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